Yin Yang Incense Holder

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This Incense holder is 10x1.25 in with a small metal Yin Yang Symbol at the bottom. It is used to hold any stick incense and catch the ashes avoiding a mess! This listing is for 1 Yin Yang Symbol Incense holder.

The Yin Yang is a very ancient and important symbol in Taoism; an ancient Chinese religion and philosophy. This symbol represents balance, with the yin being the dark swirl associated with shadows, femininity, and darkness. The yang is the light swirl, associated with brightness, passion, growth, and the light. The Yin Yang combines these two, demonstrating balance in the aspect that there is always a bit of darkness in the light, and vice versa.

Incense Holders are simply a tool used to catch the ash from burning Incense! There are many different designs and styles created for stick incense, cone incense, backflow incense, etc.

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