Opalite Tumbled Gemstones


Opalite is a man made stone that aids in communication, chakra healing, and emotional transition. It removes energy blockages within the chakras, and supplies us with perseverance to achieve all of our goals.

The more you buy, the less you pay!
1 Stone - $2.50 Regular
2 Stones - $4.50 Regular (Save 10%)
6 Stones -$11.95 Regular (Save 20%)
24 Stones - $41.95 Regular (Save 30%)

Size (Diameter):
Small - 20-25 mm
Regular - 25-35 mm
Large - 35-40 mm

Tumbled crystals are raw crystals that have been polished or smoothed out. They are typically more affordable than crystals in their other formations, and a great to use in grids, or to simply carry in your pocket, etc. 

Crystals are very popular and have many uses in the world of the metaphysical. They can come in many shapes and sizes such as generator points, geodes, clusters, tumbled, and many more! Here are a few of their common uses:

~ Crystals can be worn as jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc. to promote their appropriate effect.
~ They can be placed around the house, or carried with you to promote their appropriate effect as well. For thousands of years, crystals have been the center and supporting pieces to many witches altars.
~ They can be made into a special grid, to promote a very powerful effect. For instance, pyrite may be combined with citrine in a special manner to promote prosperity.

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