Seven Chakras Incense Sticks


Seven Chakras Incense helps to clear and balance all seven of the chakras to leave you feeling refreshes and healthy. 

The more you buy, the less you pay!

50 Sticks - $3.55 ($3.55 per 50)

100 Sticks - $6.25 ($3.13 per 50)

200 Sticks - $10.75 ($2.69 per 50)

400 Sticks - $17.95 ($2.24 per 50)

Our Incense sticks are carefully crafted from select woods, resins, and beautifully fragrant essential oils to bring you the final product. This process begins by lathering the chosen blank incense sticks with the appropriate essential oils to create a beautiful fragrance. These sticks are then stored for 10-15 hours to ensure a long lasting aroma.

Incense has many uses, as diverse as the oils they are created with themselves! Here is a few of the most common uses of Incense.

~ Incense can be used to enhance concentration and focus. Long ago, monks used incense during meditation to clear the air as well as their thoughts. They did this because they recognized the benefit burning incense has on enabling clear thinking and helping to develop a state of complete awareness.

~ Simply, incense can be used as an all natural air freshener! Ranging wide in fragrances, incense can induce a beautiful smelling aroma in any desired area such as your home, office, etc.

~ In spellwork, incense can be used to clear out negative energy from a space. Many people (Including Us!) burn incense before and during ritual to promote a clean, positive space to work in, increasing the effectiveness of the magick at hand!

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