Ritual Candle Set

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This listing is for one set of 8 non drip ritual candles. The colors are Orange, Yellow, Purple, Blue, White, Red, Black, and Green!

Our ritual candles are used widely amongst pagans, witches and those alike in spell and ritual work! These candles are ideal for intention spells as they are non drip, meaning the whole candle burns away leaving no wax, sending all of your intention into the universe!

Our ritual candles come in Eight different colors, each representing a different intention:

Yellow - Joy, Happiness, Pleasure, Success, Prosperity, Inspiration
Orange - Confidence, Creativity, Self Expression
Purple - Intuition, Wisdom, Spirit Work, Spiritual Power
Blue - Calming, Healing, Communication, Emotional Stability, Focus
White - All purpose, unity, purity, cleansing, peace
Red - Love, Passion, Vitality, Strength, Danger
Black - Protection, Grounding, Uncrossing, Banishing Negativity
Green - Growth, Prosperity, Healing, Abundance, Luck