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Herb Information:

Common Name: Wormwood

Botanical Name: Artemisia absinthium L.

Plant Family: Asteraceae

Overview: Wormwood is named after the Greek goddess Artemis, whom is the virgin goddess of the hunt, the moon, childbirth, the wilderness, and protectress of the girl child. In Greek myth, it is said that this plant was delivered to Chiron, the father of medicine, by the goddess herself. Wormwood is also known by the name absinth, which has hallucinogenic and psychoactive properties much like the THC in marijuana. It also is a very strong pest repellant, and deters the growth of weeds. In history, some very famous men such as Hemingway and Van Gogh
have attributed much of their creativity to absinth induced visions, which as stated before is a hallucinogenic drink made from wormwood.

Magickal Uses: Burned to gain protection from wandering spirits, used in divinatory and clairvoyance incense, enables the dead to be released from this plane so they may find peace.

Medicinal Uses: Various digestion problems such as loss of appetite, upset stomach, gall bladder disease, and intestinal spasms.

Parts Used: Whole herb (leaf, stem, and flowering parts)

Precautions: Not for use during pregnancy or lactation. Not for long-term use, do not exceed recommended dose. Not to exceed 1.5 g of dried herb in tea, two to three times daily.

Herbalism is the study revolving around the use of various plant parts to create natural medicine, along with hundreds of other products including infusions, tinctures, and Salves! In addition, many plants can be used to fragrance products, give items and foods natural color, and more.



Since the beginning of recorded history, humans have been studying exactly which plants could be used for particular ailments. Thanks to modern science, researchers have been able to dive into the biochemistry of many botanicals and observe which chemical elements are present within them, as well as how they react in (and sometimes on) our bodies.


In order to meet our strict standards of sale, all herbs must be;

  • Certified Organic

  • Grown without the use of unnatural insect repellants, pesticides & fertilizers

  • Free of any added ingredients or dyes

  • Sourced from a ecologically sustainable farming operation


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