Custom Sunstone Tree of Life Pendulum

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A Pendulum is a divination tool most commonly used to answer simple “yes” or “no” questions. They have also been used throughout history as a dowsing tool, that is a form of divination used to locate items. Pendulums are simply a small weight hanging from a string or chain. Typically, they would have some sort of gemstone hanging as the weight, and many are adorned with other crystals, or pendants on the chain.

Sunstone has a very positive, radiant energy as with its namesake, the Sun. Carrying Sunstone can help to lift our spirits, and radiate positivity, making us more confident, optimistic, and action oriented. When around negative people, Sunstone can also help free us of their contagious, negative attitudes, allowing us to move freely throughout the world without negative attachments.

The Tree of Life has a very long history across many cultures. It symbolizes a connection to all things. The Tree has roots that reach deep into the soil, acknowledging a connection to, and accepting nourishment from Mother Earth. We must learn to be like the Tree, and realize that we are all connected. The Tree of Life also means you are not on an island. As much as you might feel disconnected from the rest of the world, we are all deeply connected to the Earth and her energy.

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