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Herb Information:

Common Name: Star Anise

Botanical Name: Illicium verum Hook. f.

Plant Family: Illiciaceae

Overview: Anise Star pods are very easy to recognize, as they look like an eight-pointed star. They are antive to China and Vietnam. They are often used in Chinese "red" cooking, in which foods are cooked for a long time in soy sauce. Anise stars are also very popular in many Asian soups, Thai iced tea, and Peking duck.

Magickal Uses: Protection, purification, awareness, joy.

Medicinal Uses: Used to treat coughs, bronchitis and a stuffy nose. Good breath freshener, and digestive aid.

Parts Used: Dried fruits, ground star anise. 

Herbalism is the study revolving around the use of various plant parts to create natural medicine, along with hundreds of other products including infusions, tinctures, and Salves! In addition, many plants can be used to fragrance products, give items and foods natural color, and more.



Since the beginning of recorded history, humans have been studying exactly which plants could be used for particular ailments. Thanks to modern science, researchers have been able to dive into the biochemistry of many botanicals and observe which chemical elements are present within them, as well as how they react in (and sometimes on) our bodies.


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